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Sharepoint 2010 SPUpdatedConcurrencyException Fix

Problems when installing the June_CU_2011 (KB) for SharePoint Server.

After installing the CU, and running the online command <psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait> to update the second server in the farm. You may get this error just after step 2:


An exception of type Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPUpdatedConcurrencyException was thrown. Additional exception information: An update conflict has occurred, and you must re-try this action. The object SPUpgradeSession Name=Upgrade -20110924-194525-15 was updated by DOMAIN\ACCOUNT, in the PSCONFIG (7240) process, on machine SERVER. View the tracing log for more information about the conflict.

Total number of configuration settings run: 3

Total number of successful configuration settings: 2

Total number of unsuccessful configuration settings: 1

Successfully stopped the configuration of SharePoint Products.

Configuration of SharePoint Products failed. Configuration must be performed before you use SharePoint Products. For further details, see the diagnostic log located at [LOCATION OF LOG] and the application event log.

To Resolve this in a fast an easy way:
  1. stsadm -o setproperty -pn command-line-upgrade-running -pv No
  2. IISReset
  3. Restart the Windows SharePoint Timer
  4. psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait –force
This PSConfig make a check to see if a installation is allready running. And if this sitting is set to yes the PSConfig throw an exeption.
To fix this, you can set the "command-line-upgrade-running" property to "No" and viola, the installation can finish.

To learn more see:

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